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    Shipping and returns


    We currently ship to all of Europe.


    Our return policy will allow returning the product you have purchased within 30 days from the order’s delivery date. The product must be with the original packaging and labeling, without any type of damage or sign of use and the SCAN & SHARE PIN must not have been activated.

    To start the return process, you must contact us through the contact form or send us an email to info@wearebeston.com with all the information related to the order. For the processing of the return, in case of refund, we will carry out the refund of the amount paid to your account or original payment method. In case of replacement, we will resend the product that you have requested.



    What is the inside pocket next to the battery pocket for?
    The inside pocket next to the battery pocket has been specially designed to allow you to charge your mobile phone or wireless headphones while you warm up.

    Are the battery and battery charger included with my product purchase?
    Yes, the battery and its charger are included with the purchase of the jacket.

    Do you use feathers in the products?
    No, we use recycled and vegan materials: 100% recycled nylon and Dupont Sorona.

    What do the colors of the products mean?
    You have two buttons: The top button indicates the 3 temperature levels: Blue (low level), White (medium level) and Red (high level). The lower button indicates the heating zones: Yellow (front zone), Purple (rear zone) and Green (on both sides).

    Is the product technology safe?
    Yes, our technology is safe. Both the heating system and our battery are CE approved.

    What if the heating goes off unexpectedly?
    The reason this could happen is because a more abrupt movement than usual has been made. Disconnect the USB cable from the battery and reconnect it.

    How do I turn on my product?
    To turn on your jacket, just press and hold the Beston button for 2-3 seconds. The jacket will turn on by itself and begin to heat up. Now you can choose the heating combination you want.

    I have lost my battery, can I buy a new one?
    Yes, since we give the option to buy batteries on our website

    How do I charge my mobile with the battery?
    Simply with the USB cable that you use to charge your mobile, connect it to the Beston battery.

    Can I use a different battery?
    From Beston, we only recommend using our battery as it is CE certified. We cannot confirm that other batteries, even if they have the same voltage, are suitable for the correct operation of the heating system.

    Can the products be washed?
    To properly wash the Beston jacket, you must remove the battery inside. The inside battery pocket containing the connecting cable must be completely closed. It is recommended to wash the Beston jacket by hand, and if you want to do it in the machine, you must put it in a laundry bag and at a temperature of 30 degrees maximum.


    Who can scan my QR code?
    Anyone who wants to access the information in your QR code will also need your personal PIN (you will get it once you have completed the purchase process). That is, only the people to whom you communicate the PIN code, will be able to access your personal information.

    How do I edit my QR code?
    Once you finish the purchase process, we will send you all the necessary information so that you can activate your PIN and be able to edit the information of your QR code.

    What if I don’t want to share certain information?
    You do not need to include it when editing the QR. You can choose which profile to complete and which information for each profile to edit. For example, you can edit the full emergency profile and in your social profile connect only your Spotify account.

    Can I change the information on the QR?
    Yes, whenever you want. You just have to access your user account and modify what you need.

    Can I gift a product to someone else?
    Yes, of course. Once you finish the purchase process, we will send you all the information so that you can give the product as a gift so that the gifted person can have their personalized QR code.

    I have more than one Beston Scan & Share product, will I have different PIN codes?
    Only if you want. If you have more than one Scan & Share product, you can decide whether you want the same PIN code for all of them or an individual one for each product.

    Can I return a Beston Scan & Share product?
    Yes, as long as you have not activated the PIN code. We recommend testing the product before activating the PIN code.

    What if I want to change my PIN?
    You can write us an email info@wearebeston.com and we will give you a new PIN.


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